F.IMM: for 30 years at the service of Public Utilities.

F.IMM develop new technologies and skills to operate in the IT sector applied to the management of utilities electricity, water and gas. We specialize in computerization and out-sourcing of services for public and private companies, which manage water, gas and electricity.
The experience gained in these decades allows F.IMM to offer to its customers Italian and foreign effective and customized solutions.

F.IMM produces:

  • Management software for Public Utilities, able to automate each process operational, aimed at acquiring and invoicing meter consumption
  • Mobile field data acquisition applications on smartphones and tablets (meter reading, georeferencing, meter replacement, etc.)
F.IMM offers services of:

  • Photoreading, traditional meter reading and georeferencing
  • Meter replacement
  • Consumption billing
  • Printing, mailing and reporting of bills

About Us

F.IMM Srl was established in 1984 with the purpose of develop new technologies to operate in the IT sector applied to the management of users, of gas, water, electricity distribution services and with particular intervention for the billing of consumption at the same time as the readings.

F.IMM was born almost by chance from the idea of ​​the founder of the group to which F.IMM belongs, who had the problem of reading consumption, billing users and organizing the information system of own gas distribution company. It seemed simple but it wasn't, because you couldn't buy ready-made solutions on the market, but everything had to be done ad-hoc: the hardware, the software, organizational models.

It was born like this F.IMM, from the minds of the same gas and water distribution network operators who for solve their problems has found solutions that other competitors, due to lack of specialization, they had never thought.

The group to which F.IMM belongs is Gruppo Costruzioni Dondi, leader in Italy in the construction and management of hydraulic and gas distribution networks.

DPO: Cristiano Pastorello
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